Arise Money

We want our customers to feel empowered rather than intimidated by their finances, and take full advantage of earned wage access without complications or fees.

ScoreNavigator has partnered with Arise Money to bring you the best debit card and cash advance program available anywhere in America.

Arise is on a mission to uplift the financial health of working Americans by providing everyone instant access to cash advances whenever you need them, all without fees or interest. You can get more information and sign up below:

We Have Partnered To Build a Stronger Financial Future

A Place For Personal Finance

All of your financial activity with Arise is easy to follow, intuitive, and supported by a dedicated app.

A Solution Led By Innovation

Our technology has been built from the ground up to offer an empowering experience as well as safety and security.

No fee no interest cash advances

Arise provides no fee no interest cash advances when you need them. No kidding!

How does having access to a no fee no interest cash advance sound?

- No Credit Check

- No Declines

- No Kidding!

Just easy access to a small dollar cash advance when you need it.

Access Money You've Earned As Soon As You Earn It.

Start working with Arise and join thousands who are using Arise Money to lift them to financial wellness.